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Train rescue

You didn't see me, you've never met me, I was never here

Game Dates: 14-15 Oct

On Sunday, the team heard that the rescued FBI agents made it to Langley. Dr McDonnell continued working on the cure for the Deep One transformation while the rest of the team continued their investigations. Jeremiah went to the Community College and tracked down the Science Fiction club. Using pictures provided by Dr McDonnell as evidence, Jeremiah convinced the club to help provide manpower for the team’s investigations. The club was supposed to provide any information they had collected to Grey, then meet Jeremiah at the Denny’s the next day to coordinate additional support.

Ryan returned to work and was immediately drafted to help investigate a string of kidnappings that had occurred overnight. At least two houses had been broken into and the families were missing … canvasing the area around one of the houses, Ryan found the four kids (from two families) in the trunk of a Prius. Based on information provided by the kids, the Police got a search warrant to investigate the Fisherman’s Guild.

At the Pier, Ryan saw a fisherman that was being silenced by several others. Attempting to intervene, several more fisherman got involved and soon the entire Pier was engaged in a massive riot. Most of the fishermen who had been assaulting their fellow worker fled, but one pulled a knife and was about to stab the other when Ryan pulled his weapon and shot the knife-wielder. As the knife-wielder let out an unearthly high-pitched wail, everyone on the Pier froze and then fled the area.

Later interviewing the fisherman that was under attack, Ryan found that the fisherman gave him details about “oaths” the fishermen were forced to take, areas they were supposed to ignore, and instances when fishermen had pulled “things” out of the sea or dropped them off into the sea. All of these activities were expected to be kept secret, and that the fishermen would be safe as long as they continued to abide by their “oaths” and protect the secret. But with the kidnapping of the families of the other fishermen, the fishermen were losing faith that they would be protected in whatever was happening.

Since the Cultists were most likely aware by now that the fisherman was giving information to the Police, Ryan sent Jeremiah to the fisherman’s house to protect his family. Arriving at the house, Jeremiah found the Hoodie Mafia already at the house and fighting a police officer. The officer were having little luck fighting against the cultists, but Jeremiah waded into the fray with one of the spell-clubs and quickly subdued the soon-to-be Deep Ones. With a yell of “I was never here!” Jeremiah escorted the fisherman’s family to the hospital where the fisherman was being treated, and the officer took the cultists into custody. At the hospital, the fisherman and his family just wanted to get out of town, so Ryan passed them to Dr. Chogan Askuteau to either find a way out of town or at least find as safe a place in town as possible.

Back at the Police station, the Chief of Police approached Ryan and asked him about the strange events going on. Indicating that the Chief realized he had not taken any of Ryan’s earlier reports seriously, the Chief admitted that Orne Services and the fishing guild really control the town but that events like the kidnappings of the previous evening had never happened before. Carl and the Chief of the Fish and Wildlife Protection agency also arrived to talk about the recent events and what their organization was aware of and how they could help.

Back in the Insane Asylum, the Director and several “orderlies” arrived in the lab and escorted Dr McDonnell, Grey, and Thompson to the Director’s office. There, the Director explicitly revealed his true nature (as Nyarlathotep) and expressed significant displeasure that the events in the city had turned so public. The Director indicated that his patrons (the Outer Gods) did not want the events in Liosport to draw the attention of folks outside of the area and that the team had until Halloween to “handle” the problem of the publicity and the Deep Ones. If the issues were resolved by then, the Director would handle things (including making sure the team suffered a fate that would make the catatonic state of the latest FBI agents seem tame by comparison). Leaving the now mobile and apparently compliant FBI agents with the team, the Director left for an “out of town conference”.

With the Director’s new “encouragement” and the assistance of the remarkably versatile FBI agents, Dr McDonnell worked through the night and into the next day on the cure for the Deep One’s transformation. After that marathon session, Dr McDonnell felt the serum was ready for initial “human” trials. The revised serum’s mortality rate was expected to be something less than 25% (compared to the original 75%) and would at least lead to the subject’s death slower when it was not successful. Jeremiah and one of the transformed that had been rescued from beneath the Cultural Center agreed to be the first test subjects. After administering the serum, Dr McDonnell attempted to get some rest before continuing work on the cure.

After taking his medicine, Jeremiah went with Ryan and Grey to meet with the Science Fiction club at Denny’s. Apparently the leader of the club was a little more “enthusiastic” than the team might have wanted and had recruited a large number of folks from the Community College to participate in the effort against the Deep Ones. Jeremiah was about to send them all off to scavenge obsidian from anywhere in town and carve symbols into it when Elder Kitchi arrived and agreed to make a considerable contribution to the effort is everyone agreed that any talisman’s that weren’t needed by the Club would be given to the Police. Elder Kitchi also volunteered additional manpower and resources from the Nine Kizes to help with the effort.

Soon after, the team met with the Chief of Police, the chief of Fish and Wildlife, Elder Kitchi, and the President of the Science Fiction club (who had apparently taken the lead of the Community College contingent). The original FBI agents also made it back into town, although their armored and reinforced FBI vehicle was only barely able to make it past the vehicles and forces guarding the roads in or out of town. Apparently either the Deep One cultists or the agents of the Outer Gods (or both) were not letting anyone in or out of Liosport … so the team and the rest of the town may be on their own (at least for the next few days, which was the soonest any military support might be available).

The Great Fishy Escape

Game Date: Oct 11-Oct 13

Without missing a beat, the team walked boldly towards the Deep Ones and Ryan told them we were here to move the “offerings”, because of the attack that was going on in the city above. One of the Deep Ones opened the cell door and entered it to begin herding the prisoners while the leader (still outside in the corridor) asked more questions about where the “offerings” were going. Getting tired with all of the talking (and lack of wrenching), Jeremiah stepped around the attacked one of the Deep Ones with a bident.

Watching from the rear, Grey noticed some members of the Hoodie Mafia had come out of a room behind the group and were trying to flank the team. Soon the team was fighting on two fronts, Ryan holding the front with some help from Dr McDonnell, while Jeremiah held the back with help from Grey. Unknown to the group at the time, Thompson was also involved in the fight … having been captured and held in the cell, she used the distraction of the fight outside the cell to help her attack the Deep One that had gone into the cell.

Outside, the fight could be going better. One of the Deep Ones had fallen from Jeremiah’s initial attack and Dr McDonnell had tried to make sure it stayed down … but it’s wounds were healing fast and it stood back up Ryan and Eamon were still fighting the other two by the cell entrance. Jeremiah was inflicting a lot of damage to the Hoodie Mafia at the back of the team, but there were enough of them that they were swarming past him to attack Grey. In the cell, Thompson was faring better … her initial attack had successfully knocked the Deep One to the ground and she was able to successfully dispatch it with a Coup de grĂ¢ce. Luckily their ability to heal from wounds appears to stop short of coming back from the dead.

Although Grey was pushed back against the folks fighting the Deep Ones near the cell, she and Jeremiah were able to finish off all of the Hoodie Mafia behind the group. Around that time, Ryan and Dr McDonnell were trying to hold against the three Deep Ones they were fighting and Thompson was about to attack from behind the Deep One nearest to the cell. By this time Ryan and Jeremiah were both using the sword/clubs they had gotten from the Nine Kizes, and Ryan had found that the “club” side appeared to cause damage to the Deep Ones that they could not heal.

Between the three of Thompson, Jeremiah, and Ryan, the team was able to finish off the last of the Deep One guards and the team began to take stock of the cells near where they were fighting. Inside the “Offering” cell were Thompson, Trevor, and the two FBI agents. Nearby was a cell that held about a dozen teenagers, apparently sedated and being converted/brainwashed. Another cell appeared to hold a fairly large number of apparently fully-converted and militant/violent Deep Ones. There was also a cell with twenty or so homeless or other prisoners and a cell with a few close-to-transformed Deep Ones that appeared to still have some amount of human identity.

While Jeremiah and Thompson searched the main gathering area (just outside the cells) for alcohol or other flammable material, the rest of the team freed the homeless and organized them into helping the sedated teenagers. Trevor and the FBI agents also made their way out of the cells while Dr McDonnell and Ryan sedated and restrained the close-to-transformed Deep Ones, hoping they could be cured rather than having to kill them in the cell. Finally Thompson threw Molotov cocktails into the cell containing the fanatical Deep Ones and the rest of the group fled for the exit.

While most of the team was getting everyone out of the area and around the Cultural Center, Jeremiah and Eamon had gotten into the parking area under the Cultural Center and Jeremiah was going to hot wire some vehicles for everyone to use to escape. Luckily he saw a key box near the guard room that had keys for the vehicles, so the group was actually able to just unlock and start the vehicles normally. Everyone was hustled info a few town cars and everyone fled the cultural center.

The team stacked the sedated Deep Ones in the trunk of a town car and everyone (including Trevor and the FBI agents) crammed inside two town cars. After making sure they didn’t seem to be followed, the group headed to the insane asylum. When they got there, two other FBI agents and the Director were there looking for them. After a tense moment (especially when the Deep Ones were pulled out of the trunk), the team was able to convince the new FBI agents that we were not the ones responsible for their missing agents (now returned) or any of the unusual events in Liosport. While the Deep Ones were led away, the Director seemed unusually reluctant to be seen by them, and the FBI agents also seemed to be acting unusually. Talking to the Deep Ones later, the team eventually realized that the Director was actually Nyarlathotep in human form and that the new FBI agents were part of a different cult opposed to the Deep Ones.

Jeremiah was able to fool some orderlies to sedate and lock up the new FBI agents while the team tried to figure out what to do next. The original FBI agents took one of the town cars and began to head back to their home office. Apparently someone didn’t want the new FBI agents talking to anyone, since the night following their incarceration Jeremiah heard screams from their cell and afterwards they were moved to a ward for catatonic patients (since they no longer seemed to have any conscious thought). Dr McDonnell went back to working on a cure, now that the group had access to several more blood samples (including some from fully-transformed Deep Ones).

Dr McDonnell also received a letter from his sister, Keelin. She indicated that the Deep Ones would forgive everyone in the group if they returned Timothy Williamson’s son and stopped fighting against them. Those within the team who were transforming would be allowed to fully-become Deep Ones, while those who were human would be accepted as long as they took Deep One mates and swore the “Third Oath”. Although the thought of not fighting apparently every denizen of H.P. Lovecraft’s entire library of horror stories has some appeal, the team seemed less inspired by the prospect of being on the human or fish side of fishy sex for the rest of their lives.

After receiving the letter, the team realized the Deep Ones must know where they went and that the most likely way was from the town cars. Checking the one they still had, Jeremiah found a GPS locator. The team called the FBI agents that had the other town car and were on their way to DC … they indicated that they also had identified folks following them and that they would try to take appropriate precautions to avoid a return visit to Liosport and it’s scenic fishy brothels.

Now where did I put that stack of new Character sheets???

Game Date: 8 Oct – 11 Oct

Monday (8 Oct) began with the team working out what kind of plan they could use to get into the sewers and locate the people who had been kidnapped by the Hoodie Mafia. Plans for different options for providing a distraction were discussed, as well as other things that could be done to improve the chances of the team getting back out of the sewers again. While Dr McDonnell continued to research on the blood samples, most of the rest of the team traveled to Boston to turn in Catherine (Emma’s mom) to the FBI as evidence of the plot in Liosport and the disappearance of the FBI agents.

Preparations continued on the 9th … Ryan picked up some armor and tactical gear from the police station, while Jeremiah quit his job at the college and got hired as an orderly at the Asylum. Dr McDonnell felt he had made as much progress as he could on the process of improving the therapy for helping those being transformed and began working with Emma to see if the modified treatments showed any success “in the field”.

On the 10th, Ryan heard that the Police Capt had been required to collect information about the smoke bomb incident (potentially related to having dropped of Emma’s mom with the FBI, since that was when the FBI agents disappeared) and was not happy about it at all. Grey also found that igneous rock appeared to be a key component to having effective symbols that weaken or protect against the Deep Ones. She worked with Jeremiah to create medallions and carved symbols for each of the team, as well as several spare sets for the Nine Kizes.

Finally on the 11th, the team was continuing to make preparations (carving more stone, working with Emma on learning the language as well as monitoring progress of the improved therapy) when Grey received an alarming phone call … someone apparently was aware of some of what the team had been doing, including leaving Emma’s mom with the FBI. In case someone was getting ready to take action against the team, everyone decided to quickly implement the plan to go into the sewers and attempt to rescue those who had been taken.

Quickly calling the Nine Kizes, the team arranged for a diversion of them setting fire to the pier where most of the cultists and/or collaborators seemed to work. At the same time, the team slipped into the sewers and began making their way towards the Cultural Center (where the “Offerings” were supposedly being held). They passed two guard patrols on their way in … they were able to slip past one, while they disabled the restrained the other in a side passage. They eventually made their way to a “For Rent” house/sewer area where they waited for the diversion.

With the start of the diversion, the sounds in the sewers indicated a large group assembling and then moving off. After it left, the team slipped back into the sewers and made their way to the Cultural Center. They found one entrance to the underground garage, then continued around to the back of the Cultural Center where they found a “water” entrance to the area under the Cultural Center. Entering carefully, the first area seemed to be a common room that was recently vacated … the signs of recent leisure and habitation were strewn around the room. Off to one side was another side passage, which had sounds of captives coming out of it. Since a fair amount of time had been spent moving about since the start of the diversion, the team decided to move quickly into the next passage and try to quickly free the “Offerings”.

As soon as the team turned the corner, they saw ahead of them in the sewer what appeared to be the doors to cages where the offerings might be kept. Unfortunately between them and the doors were four figures that they assumed to be fully-transformed Deep Ones.

Stay Away from the Light!

Game Date: Evening, 6 Oct – Afternoon, 7 Oct

Plans were finalized to attempt to capture some of the Hoodie Mafia … Carl was set to act as bait in a vacant lot in Liosport, while Ryan Drescher waited on a nearby rooftop with Carl’s tranquilizer gun. Grey Hooper and a couple of the Nine Kize youths waited by a nearby building and Jeremiah Winters and Dr McDonnell were in a “sanitized” Asylum van in a nearby parking lot.

After night fell and the streets became deserted, a lone figure cautiously moved out of the shadows of buildings near the vacant lot and approached Carl, bottle in hand. Carl announced over the radio that he also heard something as another figure moved the manhole cover off from a nearby sewer entrance and agilely sprang up next to the sewer access.

Ryan Drescher carefully aimed at the Hoodie Mafia member slowly approaching Carl while the rest of the group waited for him to initiate actions … he soon called out that the tranquilizer was fired and the rest of the group began to take actions. The two Nine Kizes with Grey moved out to surround the other Hoodie Mafia and keep it from escaping back into the sewers while Grey herself moved into the lot to have a vantage to shoot at the figure. Meanwhile Jeremiah fired up the engine of the van and then used it to perform a perfect called shot to the head and body of the first Hoodie Mafia figure (to the chorus of Ryan asking over the radio, “What part of not hitting the one I tranquilize did you not understand!?!”). As Jeremiah brought the van to a stop just past the broken and battered form of the now tranquilized and seriously subdued Hoodie Mafia figure, Dr McDonnell rushed over to try to contain some of the bodily fluids inside the dying Hoodie thug. After successfully stopping the thug from bleeding out, Dr McDonnell bound the thug with zip ties and Jeremiah helped stow the battered body in the back of the van.

Meanwhile Ryan attempted to tranquilize the other Hoodie Mafia figure but the tranquilizer gun jammed. He was able to clear the jam and attempt a second shot, but he was not able to successfully hit the figure before it was in hand to hand combat with the Nine Kize youths. Grey had taken one shot at the Hoodie Mafia figure before the Nine Kizes engaged her. With the figure’s attention on the two Nine Kize youths, Grey snuck up behind her and pistol whipped her into unconscious. Then the group quickly loaded the second Hoodie Mafia figure into the van and everyone jumped in to get out of the area before the nearing police sirens arrived.

After checking that they weren’t being followed, the group returned to the Asylum and placed the two captives in rooms where they could be monitored and contained. Dr McDonnell provided some additional care for the figure that had been pummeled with the van, who was in serious condition but no longer appeared in danger of dying. The more seriously injured figure was a male, eventually identified as Evan Williamson, the son of Timothy Williamson, CEO of Orne Services & Electric. The other was a female, identified as Catherine Montoya, mother of Emma Montano. Both were wearing gold jewelry that was eventually identified to list their “transformed” heritage, but otherwise they were not carrying any items.

Questioning the two the next day identified that they were supposed to have brought the “offering” to the bridge and “shop”, apparently one of the Orne Services facilities near the hydroelectric plant. Apparently the “offerings” were being collected to sacrifice to “Father Dagon” and “Mother Hydra” and that “Father Dagon” had directed them to expand so they could “go to war”. Luckily Evan indicated he was intended to be a “great General” during the war and since he was only a boy, the war might yet be some years away. Not so luckily, it appeared that there were at least several underwater “cities” of transformed creatures throughout the world … the situation was significantly worse than just a small town in New England being taken over.

The group also determined that the “offerings” were being held in the Old Town Cultural Center, although they were occasionally brought out to the Elder Heritage Recreational Center if they were good breeding material. From what Evan indicated (in his confused and drugged state), none of the current “offerings” were considered good breeders and they were all under the Cultural Center. He also indicated there were very few guards monitoring the tunnel into the Cultural Center.

In Evan’s confused state, he also mistook Dr McDonnell for Dr McDonnell’s missing (and presumed dead) younger brother, Rory. Much of the information they were able to obtain was gained by attempting to play on that mistaken identity … including that Dr McDonnell’s sister, Keelin was also expected to attend the festivities at the end of the month. Apparently his brother and sister were both involved and cooperating with the cultists and transformed members of Dagon’s brood. They also found that individuals from the other transformed cities were in town (emissaries at the Elder Heritage Center and students participating in the upcoming sailing races).

The Shadow over Innsmou ... I mean, Liosport

Game Date: Oct 05, late afternoon

The group traveled with Dr. Chogan Askuteau and he cousins to the final camping location that had not yet been crossed off on Trevor Smith’s map, north of the city. At the same time, Carl was already in roughly that area searching for a “bear” that had attacked some campers the previous evening. Luckily he was able to arrange to be assigned to the search grid where the rest of the group was headed, and he met up with everyone there.

When they found the campsite it appeared that something had been staying there (fish bones, tracks, remnants of a camping tent), but nothing (or no one) was there now. The most recent tracks seemed to lead out into the sea, so the group moved off a short distance into the woods and waited to see if Emma Montano (or anyone/anything else) would return.

Shortly before sundown Emma Montano did return from the sea … she was obviously transforming into something different, apparently forming gills, webbing on her hands and feet, and having trouble communicating in English. She was making signs and gestures, but no one in the group could easily understand them.

Dr. Chogan Askuteau was able to reassure her that the group was trying to help and he administered her medicine to help control the change. The group then got everyone together and headed south to the psychiatric facility where Dr. Chogan Askuteau thought he could find a safe place where Emma Montano could stay. Several others within the group were also interested in staying there, since it might be one of the few places near Liosport where they could stay safely, and it could provide a place where Dr Eamon McDonnell could work (since the Research Center’s lab spaces aren’t feasible any longer).

The group also met up with Prof. Johnson, who had been released and was also staying at the Center for safety. He indicated that Liosport seemed to be the basis for the HP Lovecraft story “The Shadow over Innsmouth” and that a Marine force had been involved in a fight to wipe out “something” in the area in the 1920s. His research had found references to a ship, the Sumatra Queen, that might have been involved with the arrival of whatever was in the sea and was transforming the people of Liosport. The earlier military expedition had been focused on the area in the sea where Emma Montano was uncomfortable and where she indicated “Father” was living under the sea.

The group also found out that cultists worshiping Dagon were living in the sewers and that was probably where Trevor Smith was being held. The cultists use Sand Island as a location for their semi-yearly rituals, so the group began making plans to find Trevor Smith in the sewers and rescue him. The early topographic maps of the area seemed to show sewer construction from the older city under Liosport, although Emma Montano also mentioned that the cultists had been changing the sewers and that an entire city now lived in them.

Next Time I Say I'm Going to Work, Wrench Me!

Game Date: 5 Oct

Dr McDonnell was contacted about meeting his boss, Dr. James Donavan at the Research Center on Friday morning. Although several folks thought it was a mistake, he decided to attend the meeting. He did arrange with Ryan that he would keep his phone set to speed dial Ryan and that if things got ugly, Eamon would call Ryan and leave the line open. If Ryan got a call from Eamon without him talking, he should assume there is a problem at the Research Center and see if can find any Cavalry wandering around with nothing to do.

Once Dr McDonnell arrived at Dr. Donavan’s office, the receptionist asked him to have a seat and that Dr. Donavan would be there shortly. Soon after, two men in suits (and either carrying weapons or suffering from serious glandular condition) arrived and positioned themselves next to the exit. Eamon figured this was not a good sign and called Ryan, trying to let him know what was going on by asking the receptionist about the two men by the exit. At this point Dr. Donavan was half an hour late and it seemed prudent for Eamonto try to get away before anything worse happened.

Pretending to get a call from a co-worker about an experiment that needed attention, Dr McDonnell told the receptionist that he would be right back and tried to nonchalantly leave through the elevator. The two men also entered the elevator and positioned themselves on each side of the door. They selected a floor past Dr McDonnell’s, but as the elevator approached Dr McDonnell’s floor then started to move together to block the exit from the elevator.

Just as the elevator door opened, Dr Samantha Donavan reached past the two men and drug Dr McDonnell out of the elevator, exclaiming that she was glad she had found him and he was needed right away. The two men were obviously confused by this development and let the two escape down the hallway. Dr Samantha Donavan led Dr McDonnell to her office and scolded him for having gone to the meeting … she also gave him a reinforced case and a folder, asking him to help her find out what “they” were doing. Since she seemed interested in helping him, Dr McDonnell told her about the strange events the group had been exploring, including the syringes of unknown substance they had found at Trevor Smith’s house. She seemed very interested in the syringe so Dr McDonnell took her to his lab where he was going to be testing it. She also seemed unhappy that Dr McDonnell seemed to think the Nine Kizes were friendly or that the group was planning to go to them to help figure out what was going on in the town.

As the two entered the lab, a biohazard alarm began to sound (although from Samantha’s reaction it was expected) and most folks began to evacuate the area. While the two were talking about the syringe and the Nine Kizes, five men in biohazard suits but carrying weapons entered the lab. Unfortunately Samantha didn’t seem surprised or alarmed at this, so it seems she wasn’t as friendly as Dr McDonnell had initially assumed. Reaching past her to get some other results, Dr McDonnell knocked over an experiment that would create some smoke and help provide a distraction while he fled for the door.

When Dr McDonnell first went to work, Ryan was dropped off at the police station by Jeremiah, who then continued on with Grey to go visit Prof. Johnson. Ryan checked into the police station and signed out a vehicle, then received the call from Dr McDonnell. Ryan left the station and headed to the Research Center to be ready to help Dr McDonnell get away. At first nothing unusual was going on, but then people began evacuating as if there was a fire drill or similar activity going on. He waited around until Dr McDonnell called out that he was headed for the exit on the side of the building.

While all this had been going on, Jeremiah and Grey went to see Prof. Johnson in the hospital. Although he was still in the psych ward, we at least seemed lucid and able to answer some questions. He didn’t really remember much of what happened around the storm or many details about his research … he knew it was related to records from around the civil war and that he had been working with Professor Capt Thomas (from VMI), but otherwise he didn’t have a lot of details to pass on. Jeremiah and Grey were going to head south to check out Prof. Johnson’s house next.

About the time whenJeremiah and Grey were headed to Prof. Johnson’s house, Dr McDonnell came barreling out of the Research Center into the middle of two security guards and Ryan. Both guards when for the guns, while Ryan knocked one out and then he grappled the other while Eamon ran for the car. They both quickly got into the car before the other guards coming down the stairs could react to the escape.

The group decided to meet back up at Prof. Johnson’s. When they arrived, they found condemned tape around the structure but they also found that the front door had been forced open. Inside they found significant storm damage, but they also found signs that someone had already been through the house … the computer and related electronics were gone, although the fax machine showed an incoming fax. After adding paper to the machine, the fax printed two topographical maps for the area (1931 & 1942). Both maps showed structures in the area, although the latter one showed much smaller and apparently more primitive structures. The only other element of possible interest were some library books on naval history that seemed out of place with the rest of Prof. Johnson’s library.

After leaving Prof. Johnson’s, the group went to the Community College, where Dr McDonnell could start investigating the syringes and Jeremiah could check on the Uhaul. Jeremiah and Grey were going to then head to the Nine Kizes Community Center to try to track down Dr. Chogan Askuteau, until they remembered that he also had an office in the Community College and that he might actually be there. They checked and they did find him in his office … they also found that he was very interested in what they had found at Trevor’s and what might have happened to Emma Montano (Trevor’s girlfriend). Dr. Askuteau and the group gathered in the Community Center’s lab to talk about what they had found and what he could tell the group about what was going on.

Meanwhile Dr McDonnell had checked the case and folder that was given to him by Samantha Donavan. The folder contained medical records for a sister to Samantha, referred to either either “Saddie Donavan” or “Baby B”. Apparently “Saddie” had died at birth, although the group then realized that Dr. Donavan had later had another child with a different mother, Saddie Emerson. Inside the case was an old blood sample, apparently belonging to “Baby B”, which had some interesting similarities to the chemical in the syringe and to the blood from the Hoodie Mafia assailant from a few days early. Although the earlier sample’s composition was somewhat different, they all shared similar levels of three unique and unidentifiable chemical compounds.

After an extended discussion (including a lot of concern that Emma may not have had her “treatment” in several days), Dr. Askuteau and the group headed out to go to the final location not yet crossed out on the map found at Trevor’s place. Along the way, Dr. Askuteau explained that the Nine Kizes had been fighting against those who had been trying to change people in the town for some time. One group within the tribe felt that anyone contaminated with the “change” needed to be killed, while another group within the tribe felt it was important to try to “cure” anyone they could. It also seemed there were at least two groups within the “other side”, although as far as we could tell both sides were intent on changing people. The Nine Kizes thought that the actual force behind the “other side” was the new utility, Orne Services & Electric, although the Old Towne Cultural Center and the “Old Money” in town were also apparently involved. The Research Center seemed to be providing technical support, but they were not thought to be the main force behind the effort.

Los Diablos y los Ninos

Game Date: 4 Oct

After getting care for injuries sustained during the encounter with the Hoodie Mafia, the group returned to the hotel and moved TrevorU-Haul to the Community College auto shop for storage. Jeremiah also took a look inside the U-Haul to see if there was anything interesting or useful … there was a fair amount of camping gear and some maps of the surrounding county with areas marked along the coast, as well as some chemical analysis reports that indicated the substance being analyzed could not be identified by the lab. Otherwise it seemed full of carnival prizes and similar memorabilia (and a distinct absence of the normal belongings you’d find when someone was moving). The rest of the group took a quick look through the U-Haul but didn’t find much else, so they split up and got what rest they could before the sun rose. Once they returned to the hotel, the several members found their rooms had been searched and Dr McDonnell found a listening device in his bathroom.

The next day, different folks went off in different directions to see what they could find out. Grey checked the elementary school, where some of her sources worked … they were somewhat disappointed that it was the Weekly World News (and not the CDC or National Guard) that had responded to their requests for help, but they agreed to meet her later … and told her not to come back to the school, since it wasn’t safe for any of them to be seen there. Carl took a Fish & Wildlife boat out and checked some of the sites marked on Trevor’s map … each location seemed to be a camping spot near the coast with used syringes and fish bones. Carl also noticed a small boat following him and apparently watching what he was doing … as soon as he seemed to pay any attention to the boat, the occupant turned his boat around and rushed off. [[:dr-eamon-mcdonnell|Dr McDonnell] went to the Research Center’s lab and checked into the blood he collected after the previous night’s encounter. Nothing much new in Trevor’s sample, but the sample from the Hoodie Mafia assailant identified the assailant as a hispanic female, 20s, brown hair and eyes who happened to have Cystic Fibrosis. The sample also contained a section of DNA that could not be interpreted. Ryan contacted the FBI again, with little more success about the missing agents (although at least the FBI seemed interested, since they had not checked in). He did however find out that Grey had not been totally frank about her presence in the town, that she was a tabloid reporter.

Near the end of the day, the group met up again near the hotel … their rooms had once again been searched, and another listening device was found. They decided to meet at the Mexican restaurant where Carl and the Fish & Wildlife folks tended to gather after work. Everyone passed on the info they had collected … the camp sites, the info from the school nurse, the blood results, and the fact that Grey was a tabloid reporter. The group also met the school Librarian and Nurse, who gave a little more info about the kids that had been disappearing from school (sickly kids given “scholarships” to the private school and then soon after disappearing). They also gave the group a little more info about Emma, Trevor’s girlfriend … she had graduated from the private High School, but apparently had disappeared soon after that.

The group also noticed another group at a nearby table paying an unusual amount of attention to them. When the Nurse and Librarian left, one of the other table also got up and started to follow them out. Jeremiah grabbed his “encouragement device” and went after them, and Grey texted the ladies to let them know they were being followed. The pair returned to the table where the group were sitting, although the unknown man and Jeremiah were still by the restaurant entrance. Ryan went over and started talking to the two remaining unknown men at the table … it turns out they were Nine Kizes who were trying to watch out for the ladies from the school. Unfortunately Jeremiah didn’t know this at the time, and he was about to “encourage” the remaining Nine Kize to stay where he was (by breaking his kneecap) and tell him what was going on. Luckily the misunderstanding was resolved before any bones were actually broken … the ladies were escorted to their car to leave, the Nine Kizes warned the group to watch out for themselves and the others in town they were putting at risk, and then they departed. The team also decided to leave, but by this point they didn’t want to stay at the hotel again.

The group decided to spend the night at Trevor’s. They also found a hidden basement that was apparently constructed to hide someone staying in the apartment, including having had at one time a way into the sewers through the basement. The sewer access had been cemented over, but it looked like someone had been trying to reopen the access … and that someone continued the effort during the night. Grey woke everyone else and the group checked out the noise … Dr McDonnell thought it might be Emma and whoever it was did respond as if it was her, but they didn’t seem to be physically capable of human speech. The group at first attempted to help open the access, since it seemed to be Emma and she seemed friendly … but soon more sounds approached and the digging turned more frantic, more aggressive. The group decided to move out of the basement and soon there was the sound of aggressive “attacks” on the barricade the group had put in front of the basement access. Everyone quickly got into Jeremiah’s car and the group quickly escaped the house.

As they left, a large group of Hoodie Mafia were seen rushing around the house and attempting to intercept the escaping vehicle. Luckily they weren’t fast enough to catch up and the group got away … but with several hours until sunrise, they weren’t sure where to go. Heading to the local Denny’s, the group decided they’d wait for sunrise somewhere public. At the Denny’s, the group encountered some homeless that were spending their last night before getting out of town … they had been saving up all year to be able to get out of town, since it was not safe to be in town this time of year. The homeless told the group that there were two times during the year when people disappeared from Liosport, April and October. These two months also coincide with the unusual spikes in infant mortality, each nine months before December and July (respectively). The waitress, a member of the Nine Kizes, said that April and October were Nine Kize holy months, although she didn’t seem to believe there was anything more dangerous or special about those months. They also said that the folks who had been disappearing during April and October had been taken by “Los Diablos” (the Devils) and that the Hoodie Mafia were “Los Ninos”, the Devil’s Children.

After talking with the homeless for a while, the sun rose and the group split up for the day. Dr McDonnell had been called in to meet with the Research Center’s CEO, while the rest of the group went off their own directions … and the lucky ones, the homeless, headed for the bus station and getting out of town.

Night of the Phantom Agents

Game Date: 2 Oct 2012 … Late Night

The session began the night of the dinner with the FBI Agents. Everyone had returned to their rooms to sleep, but were woken up in the middle of the night by a fire alarm. Everyone evacuated the hotel as the firemen arrived, although it was eventually determined that it was only a smoke bomb (supposedly a prank by the community college students).

During the evacuation of the building, none of the team was able to find the FBI Agents … after the all-clear was given, several folks went to the door of the Agents’ room. Even though everyone else had just left their rooms open during the evacuation, the door to the Agents’ room was still closed and locked. The hotel staff reported that no one was staying in that room, we must have been mistaken about the room where our “friends” had been staying.

Jeremiah “accidentally” opened the door to the Agents’ room and it was evident that someone had been staying there … personal items were still scattered about the room, beds had been slept in, laptops were still on the tables. The hotel staff said that the room had a faulty lock on the window and that vagrants (with laptops) must have been squatting in the room. Grey attempted to remove the laptops for investigation, but our Police member objected to removing evidence from the room. We did take pictures of the room on a cellular phone (and Grey surreptitiously removed a thumb drive from the laptop) before the hotel staff secured the door to the room. Grey also investigated the fire escape that was outside the Agents’ room and found what may have been blood at the bottom of the fire escape, although she didn’t mention it until later (at which point it had already been “sanitized” by someone).

Later that night, noise was heard coming from the Agents’ room and the group investigated again. A van or similar large vehicle was seen driving away from the alley next to the fire escape, but no one could see any details about it. The Agents’ room had also been sanitized and there was no sign they had been staying there (and apparently they also sanitized the fire escape and any other signs that the Agents had been there). Throughout this entire period we had been trying to work with the hotel staff and the authorities to report the unusual events and missing Agents, but no one seemed willing to admit that anything unusual was going on.

The next day we tried to contact the FBI about their missing Agents, but we didn’t have clear identifying information about them so the Field Office could not identify who we were asking about. Although they indicated they would attempt to locate any Agents working in the area, it didn’t seem likely they would find anything very soon. Grey also passed a note with the thumb drive to Dr McDonnell to review, since it had notes about what the Agents had found. Between that and the material the Agents had previously passed to him, he was able to verify that the Liosport infant mortality rate due to short gestational age and maternal complications was significantly above normal. Unfortunately the Agents had not been able to obtain any medical records for any of the mothers or children who had died, so there wasn’t much more that could be determined from that information.

Around 7 pm on the 3rd, Jeremiah was meeting his predecessor at the college (who was eager to get out of town as soon as possible) to buy a car. They met outside of the hotel, where the group was having dinner. As Trevor (the seller) arrived with the vehicle and Jeremiah met him to give him the cash, Jeremiah was hit from behind and knocked to the ground. Everyone rushed from the hotel to see what was going on, but unfortunately Jeremiah and Trevor were hidden from view by Trevor’s U-Haul and car. By the time folks arrived, Trevor was gone (although a sound of metal clanging on metal had been heard just before) and a figure in a hoodie was trying to get away. While trying to detain that individual, another figure in a hoodie fired a shot at the group & hit the windshield of the U-Haul before turning and running the other way.

Our Police and Fish & Wildlife officers gave chase and initially caught the individual … but after a brief (and violent) exchange, a third assailant driving a car ran over the Cop and sped away with the second assailant. Jeremiah attempted to give chase, but he was not able to catch them and the only identifying information we were able to get was a general description of the car.

Investigating the U-Haul, we found a manhole cover which appeared to be where Trevor disappeared. Getting several folks to open the cover, Dr McDonnell found some blood at the bottom and signs that someone or something had been drug away through the access tunnel. Since several members of the group were hurt, everyone decided that attempting to follow the trail was not a good idea at the time.

Dr McDonnell took blood samples from the access tunnel (most likely Trevor’s) as well as where the second assailant had been injured. We also waited around to report to the Police about the incident and several members of the group went to the hospital for treatment of their injuries.

Liosport Arrival

The group’s arrival in Liosport was unheralded, at least to the uninitiated. After an hour-long shuttle commute from the “nearby” airport (and a brief rest stop, where the group was regaled with tales of haunted highways, alien abductions, and travelers experiencing days of lost time), everyone arrived at the Liosport Tourist Welcome Center. Due to the after-effects of the recent hurricane, which had caused a significant amount of damage in the southern part of the town, the group was all staying at the Olmstead Hotel while their other accommodations were repaired or replaced.

After a brief walk to the Olmstead Hotel and checking in, everyone dispersed to various points around the town (Williamson’s Seafood for a nice lunch, the Town Museum and Historic District for some sight-seeing, or the Community College to connect with the local student body). The group ended up back together (or at least as much “together” as they were at that time) that evening for the free buffet at the hotel, courtesy of the cancelled presentation by Professor (Dr.) Johnson. That evening was the group’s initial exposure to Elder Kitchi, who apparently took an instant dislike to several members of the group.

The next day, everyone dispersed again … this time to places or employment or investigations / research about town. Another relatively uneventful night and a second work-day followed, culminating in what may be one of the first solid leads towards something of note in the fair town of Liosport. At dinner that evening, the group was joined by two members of the Federal Bureau of Investigations … two fairly frustrated and dejected members of the FBI who were in town to “investigate” reports of an unusual number of infant deaths over the last 20 years. After some discussions about the lamentable situation the agents found themselves in (and several drinks to help console them about their predicament), Dr McDonnell offered to help review the medical information provided to the Agents as part of their case file.

The group as a whole seemed interested in the development and potential story / investigation of whether or not something was causing the untimely death of Liosport’s children. The Agents had relatively little information so far to go on … the deaths seemed concentrated to the Hospital and Research Center in the north side of town. The reports were that over the last 20 years or so, the incidence of infant mortality within the first few weeks of life had been several percent higher in Liosport than they should be. Suppositions within the group varied from environmental factors (the power facility, which opened relatively close to when the mortality rate increased being one possibility). Between research into the medical records, investigations around the town, interviews of individuals potentially aware of or involved with the infant deaths, it seemed the entire group would find things about the Case that might interest them.


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