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Liosport Arrival

The group’s arrival in Liosport was unheralded, at least to the uninitiated. After an hour-long shuttle commute from the “nearby” airport (and a brief rest stop, where the group was regaled with tales of haunted highways, alien abductions, and travelers experiencing days of lost time), everyone arrived at the Liosport Tourist Welcome Center. Due to the after-effects of the recent hurricane, which had caused a significant amount of damage in the southern part of the town, the group was all staying at the Olmstead Hotel while their other accommodations were repaired or replaced.

After a brief walk to the Olmstead Hotel and checking in, everyone dispersed to various points around the town (Williamson’s Seafood for a nice lunch, the Town Museum and Historic District for some sight-seeing, or the Community College to connect with the local student body). The group ended up back together (or at least as much “together” as they were at that time) that evening for the free buffet at the hotel, courtesy of the cancelled presentation by Professor (Dr.) Johnson. That evening was the group’s initial exposure to Elder Kitchi, who apparently took an instant dislike to several members of the group.

The next day, everyone dispersed again … this time to places or employment or investigations / research about town. Another relatively uneventful night and a second work-day followed, culminating in what may be one of the first solid leads towards something of note in the fair town of Liosport. At dinner that evening, the group was joined by two members of the Federal Bureau of Investigations … two fairly frustrated and dejected members of the FBI who were in town to “investigate” reports of an unusual number of infant deaths over the last 20 years. After some discussions about the lamentable situation the agents found themselves in (and several drinks to help console them about their predicament), Dr McDonnell offered to help review the medical information provided to the Agents as part of their case file.

The group as a whole seemed interested in the development and potential story / investigation of whether or not something was causing the untimely death of Liosport’s children. The Agents had relatively little information so far to go on … the deaths seemed concentrated to the Hospital and Research Center in the north side of town. The reports were that over the last 20 years or so, the incidence of infant mortality within the first few weeks of life had been several percent higher in Liosport than they should be. Suppositions within the group varied from environmental factors (the power facility, which opened relatively close to when the mortality rate increased being one possibility). Between research into the medical records, investigations around the town, interviews of individuals potentially aware of or involved with the infant deaths, it seemed the entire group would find things about the Case that might interest them.


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