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Los Diablos y los Ninos

Game Date: 4 Oct

After getting care for injuries sustained during the encounter with the Hoodie Mafia, the group returned to the hotel and moved TrevorU-Haul to the Community College auto shop for storage. Jeremiah also took a look inside the U-Haul to see if there was anything interesting or useful … there was a fair amount of camping gear and some maps of the surrounding county with areas marked along the coast, as well as some chemical analysis reports that indicated the substance being analyzed could not be identified by the lab. Otherwise it seemed full of carnival prizes and similar memorabilia (and a distinct absence of the normal belongings you’d find when someone was moving). The rest of the group took a quick look through the U-Haul but didn’t find much else, so they split up and got what rest they could before the sun rose. Once they returned to the hotel, the several members found their rooms had been searched and Dr McDonnell found a listening device in his bathroom.

The next day, different folks went off in different directions to see what they could find out. Grey checked the elementary school, where some of her sources worked … they were somewhat disappointed that it was the Weekly World News (and not the CDC or National Guard) that had responded to their requests for help, but they agreed to meet her later … and told her not to come back to the school, since it wasn’t safe for any of them to be seen there. Carl took a Fish & Wildlife boat out and checked some of the sites marked on Trevor’s map … each location seemed to be a camping spot near the coast with used syringes and fish bones. Carl also noticed a small boat following him and apparently watching what he was doing … as soon as he seemed to pay any attention to the boat, the occupant turned his boat around and rushed off. [[:dr-eamon-mcdonnell|Dr McDonnell] went to the Research Center’s lab and checked into the blood he collected after the previous night’s encounter. Nothing much new in Trevor’s sample, but the sample from the Hoodie Mafia assailant identified the assailant as a hispanic female, 20s, brown hair and eyes who happened to have Cystic Fibrosis. The sample also contained a section of DNA that could not be interpreted. Ryan contacted the FBI again, with little more success about the missing agents (although at least the FBI seemed interested, since they had not checked in). He did however find out that Grey had not been totally frank about her presence in the town, that she was a tabloid reporter.

Near the end of the day, the group met up again near the hotel … their rooms had once again been searched, and another listening device was found. They decided to meet at the Mexican restaurant where Carl and the Fish & Wildlife folks tended to gather after work. Everyone passed on the info they had collected … the camp sites, the info from the school nurse, the blood results, and the fact that Grey was a tabloid reporter. The group also met the school Librarian and Nurse, who gave a little more info about the kids that had been disappearing from school (sickly kids given “scholarships” to the private school and then soon after disappearing). They also gave the group a little more info about Emma, Trevor’s girlfriend … she had graduated from the private High School, but apparently had disappeared soon after that.

The group also noticed another group at a nearby table paying an unusual amount of attention to them. When the Nurse and Librarian left, one of the other table also got up and started to follow them out. Jeremiah grabbed his “encouragement device” and went after them, and Grey texted the ladies to let them know they were being followed. The pair returned to the table where the group were sitting, although the unknown man and Jeremiah were still by the restaurant entrance. Ryan went over and started talking to the two remaining unknown men at the table … it turns out they were Nine Kizes who were trying to watch out for the ladies from the school. Unfortunately Jeremiah didn’t know this at the time, and he was about to “encourage” the remaining Nine Kize to stay where he was (by breaking his kneecap) and tell him what was going on. Luckily the misunderstanding was resolved before any bones were actually broken … the ladies were escorted to their car to leave, the Nine Kizes warned the group to watch out for themselves and the others in town they were putting at risk, and then they departed. The team also decided to leave, but by this point they didn’t want to stay at the hotel again.

The group decided to spend the night at Trevor’s. They also found a hidden basement that was apparently constructed to hide someone staying in the apartment, including having had at one time a way into the sewers through the basement. The sewer access had been cemented over, but it looked like someone had been trying to reopen the access … and that someone continued the effort during the night. Grey woke everyone else and the group checked out the noise … Dr McDonnell thought it might be Emma and whoever it was did respond as if it was her, but they didn’t seem to be physically capable of human speech. The group at first attempted to help open the access, since it seemed to be Emma and she seemed friendly … but soon more sounds approached and the digging turned more frantic, more aggressive. The group decided to move out of the basement and soon there was the sound of aggressive “attacks” on the barricade the group had put in front of the basement access. Everyone quickly got into Jeremiah’s car and the group quickly escaped the house.

As they left, a large group of Hoodie Mafia were seen rushing around the house and attempting to intercept the escaping vehicle. Luckily they weren’t fast enough to catch up and the group got away … but with several hours until sunrise, they weren’t sure where to go. Heading to the local Denny’s, the group decided they’d wait for sunrise somewhere public. At the Denny’s, the group encountered some homeless that were spending their last night before getting out of town … they had been saving up all year to be able to get out of town, since it was not safe to be in town this time of year. The homeless told the group that there were two times during the year when people disappeared from Liosport, April and October. These two months also coincide with the unusual spikes in infant mortality, each nine months before December and July (respectively). The waitress, a member of the Nine Kizes, said that April and October were Nine Kize holy months, although she didn’t seem to believe there was anything more dangerous or special about those months. They also said that the folks who had been disappearing during April and October had been taken by “Los Diablos” (the Devils) and that the Hoodie Mafia were “Los Ninos”, the Devil’s Children.

After talking with the homeless for a while, the sun rose and the group split up for the day. Dr McDonnell had been called in to meet with the Research Center’s CEO, while the rest of the group went off their own directions … and the lucky ones, the homeless, headed for the bus station and getting out of town.


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