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Next Time I Say I'm Going to Work, Wrench Me!

Game Date: 5 Oct

Dr McDonnell was contacted about meeting his boss, Dr. James Donavan at the Research Center on Friday morning. Although several folks thought it was a mistake, he decided to attend the meeting. He did arrange with Ryan that he would keep his phone set to speed dial Ryan and that if things got ugly, Eamon would call Ryan and leave the line open. If Ryan got a call from Eamon without him talking, he should assume there is a problem at the Research Center and see if can find any Cavalry wandering around with nothing to do.

Once Dr McDonnell arrived at Dr. Donavan’s office, the receptionist asked him to have a seat and that Dr. Donavan would be there shortly. Soon after, two men in suits (and either carrying weapons or suffering from serious glandular condition) arrived and positioned themselves next to the exit. Eamon figured this was not a good sign and called Ryan, trying to let him know what was going on by asking the receptionist about the two men by the exit. At this point Dr. Donavan was half an hour late and it seemed prudent for Eamonto try to get away before anything worse happened.

Pretending to get a call from a co-worker about an experiment that needed attention, Dr McDonnell told the receptionist that he would be right back and tried to nonchalantly leave through the elevator. The two men also entered the elevator and positioned themselves on each side of the door. They selected a floor past Dr McDonnell’s, but as the elevator approached Dr McDonnell’s floor then started to move together to block the exit from the elevator.

Just as the elevator door opened, Dr Samantha Donavan reached past the two men and drug Dr McDonnell out of the elevator, exclaiming that she was glad she had found him and he was needed right away. The two men were obviously confused by this development and let the two escape down the hallway. Dr Samantha Donavan led Dr McDonnell to her office and scolded him for having gone to the meeting … she also gave him a reinforced case and a folder, asking him to help her find out what “they” were doing. Since she seemed interested in helping him, Dr McDonnell told her about the strange events the group had been exploring, including the syringes of unknown substance they had found at Trevor Smith’s house. She seemed very interested in the syringe so Dr McDonnell took her to his lab where he was going to be testing it. She also seemed unhappy that Dr McDonnell seemed to think the Nine Kizes were friendly or that the group was planning to go to them to help figure out what was going on in the town.

As the two entered the lab, a biohazard alarm began to sound (although from Samantha’s reaction it was expected) and most folks began to evacuate the area. While the two were talking about the syringe and the Nine Kizes, five men in biohazard suits but carrying weapons entered the lab. Unfortunately Samantha didn’t seem surprised or alarmed at this, so it seems she wasn’t as friendly as Dr McDonnell had initially assumed. Reaching past her to get some other results, Dr McDonnell knocked over an experiment that would create some smoke and help provide a distraction while he fled for the door.

When Dr McDonnell first went to work, Ryan was dropped off at the police station by Jeremiah, who then continued on with Grey to go visit Prof. Johnson. Ryan checked into the police station and signed out a vehicle, then received the call from Dr McDonnell. Ryan left the station and headed to the Research Center to be ready to help Dr McDonnell get away. At first nothing unusual was going on, but then people began evacuating as if there was a fire drill or similar activity going on. He waited around until Dr McDonnell called out that he was headed for the exit on the side of the building.

While all this had been going on, Jeremiah and Grey went to see Prof. Johnson in the hospital. Although he was still in the psych ward, we at least seemed lucid and able to answer some questions. He didn’t really remember much of what happened around the storm or many details about his research … he knew it was related to records from around the civil war and that he had been working with Professor Capt Thomas (from VMI), but otherwise he didn’t have a lot of details to pass on. Jeremiah and Grey were going to head south to check out Prof. Johnson’s house next.

About the time whenJeremiah and Grey were headed to Prof. Johnson’s house, Dr McDonnell came barreling out of the Research Center into the middle of two security guards and Ryan. Both guards when for the guns, while Ryan knocked one out and then he grappled the other while Eamon ran for the car. They both quickly got into the car before the other guards coming down the stairs could react to the escape.

The group decided to meet back up at Prof. Johnson’s. When they arrived, they found condemned tape around the structure but they also found that the front door had been forced open. Inside they found significant storm damage, but they also found signs that someone had already been through the house … the computer and related electronics were gone, although the fax machine showed an incoming fax. After adding paper to the machine, the fax printed two topographical maps for the area (1931 & 1942). Both maps showed structures in the area, although the latter one showed much smaller and apparently more primitive structures. The only other element of possible interest were some library books on naval history that seemed out of place with the rest of Prof. Johnson’s library.

After leaving Prof. Johnson’s, the group went to the Community College, where Dr McDonnell could start investigating the syringes and Jeremiah could check on the Uhaul. Jeremiah and Grey were going to then head to the Nine Kizes Community Center to try to track down Dr. Chogan Askuteau, until they remembered that he also had an office in the Community College and that he might actually be there. They checked and they did find him in his office … they also found that he was very interested in what they had found at Trevor’s and what might have happened to Emma Montano (Trevor’s girlfriend). Dr. Askuteau and the group gathered in the Community Center’s lab to talk about what they had found and what he could tell the group about what was going on.

Meanwhile Dr McDonnell had checked the case and folder that was given to him by Samantha Donavan. The folder contained medical records for a sister to Samantha, referred to either either “Saddie Donavan” or “Baby B”. Apparently “Saddie” had died at birth, although the group then realized that Dr. Donavan had later had another child with a different mother, Saddie Emerson. Inside the case was an old blood sample, apparently belonging to “Baby B”, which had some interesting similarities to the chemical in the syringe and to the blood from the Hoodie Mafia assailant from a few days early. Although the earlier sample’s composition was somewhat different, they all shared similar levels of three unique and unidentifiable chemical compounds.

After an extended discussion (including a lot of concern that Emma may not have had her “treatment” in several days), Dr. Askuteau and the group headed out to go to the final location not yet crossed out on the map found at Trevor’s place. Along the way, Dr. Askuteau explained that the Nine Kizes had been fighting against those who had been trying to change people in the town for some time. One group within the tribe felt that anyone contaminated with the “change” needed to be killed, while another group within the tribe felt it was important to try to “cure” anyone they could. It also seemed there were at least two groups within the “other side”, although as far as we could tell both sides were intent on changing people. The Nine Kizes thought that the actual force behind the “other side” was the new utility, Orne Services & Electric, although the Old Towne Cultural Center and the “Old Money” in town were also apparently involved. The Research Center seemed to be providing technical support, but they were not thought to be the main force behind the effort.


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