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Night of the Phantom Agents

Game Date: 2 Oct 2012 … Late Night

The session began the night of the dinner with the FBI Agents. Everyone had returned to their rooms to sleep, but were woken up in the middle of the night by a fire alarm. Everyone evacuated the hotel as the firemen arrived, although it was eventually determined that it was only a smoke bomb (supposedly a prank by the community college students).

During the evacuation of the building, none of the team was able to find the FBI Agents … after the all-clear was given, several folks went to the door of the Agents’ room. Even though everyone else had just left their rooms open during the evacuation, the door to the Agents’ room was still closed and locked. The hotel staff reported that no one was staying in that room, we must have been mistaken about the room where our “friends” had been staying.

Jeremiah “accidentally” opened the door to the Agents’ room and it was evident that someone had been staying there … personal items were still scattered about the room, beds had been slept in, laptops were still on the tables. The hotel staff said that the room had a faulty lock on the window and that vagrants (with laptops) must have been squatting in the room. Grey attempted to remove the laptops for investigation, but our Police member objected to removing evidence from the room. We did take pictures of the room on a cellular phone (and Grey surreptitiously removed a thumb drive from the laptop) before the hotel staff secured the door to the room. Grey also investigated the fire escape that was outside the Agents’ room and found what may have been blood at the bottom of the fire escape, although she didn’t mention it until later (at which point it had already been “sanitized” by someone).

Later that night, noise was heard coming from the Agents’ room and the group investigated again. A van or similar large vehicle was seen driving away from the alley next to the fire escape, but no one could see any details about it. The Agents’ room had also been sanitized and there was no sign they had been staying there (and apparently they also sanitized the fire escape and any other signs that the Agents had been there). Throughout this entire period we had been trying to work with the hotel staff and the authorities to report the unusual events and missing Agents, but no one seemed willing to admit that anything unusual was going on.

The next day we tried to contact the FBI about their missing Agents, but we didn’t have clear identifying information about them so the Field Office could not identify who we were asking about. Although they indicated they would attempt to locate any Agents working in the area, it didn’t seem likely they would find anything very soon. Grey also passed a note with the thumb drive to Dr McDonnell to review, since it had notes about what the Agents had found. Between that and the material the Agents had previously passed to him, he was able to verify that the Liosport infant mortality rate due to short gestational age and maternal complications was significantly above normal. Unfortunately the Agents had not been able to obtain any medical records for any of the mothers or children who had died, so there wasn’t much more that could be determined from that information.

Around 7 pm on the 3rd, Jeremiah was meeting his predecessor at the college (who was eager to get out of town as soon as possible) to buy a car. They met outside of the hotel, where the group was having dinner. As Trevor (the seller) arrived with the vehicle and Jeremiah met him to give him the cash, Jeremiah was hit from behind and knocked to the ground. Everyone rushed from the hotel to see what was going on, but unfortunately Jeremiah and Trevor were hidden from view by Trevor’s U-Haul and car. By the time folks arrived, Trevor was gone (although a sound of metal clanging on metal had been heard just before) and a figure in a hoodie was trying to get away. While trying to detain that individual, another figure in a hoodie fired a shot at the group & hit the windshield of the U-Haul before turning and running the other way.

Our Police and Fish & Wildlife officers gave chase and initially caught the individual … but after a brief (and violent) exchange, a third assailant driving a car ran over the Cop and sped away with the second assailant. Jeremiah attempted to give chase, but he was not able to catch them and the only identifying information we were able to get was a general description of the car.

Investigating the U-Haul, we found a manhole cover which appeared to be where Trevor disappeared. Getting several folks to open the cover, Dr McDonnell found some blood at the bottom and signs that someone or something had been drug away through the access tunnel. Since several members of the group were hurt, everyone decided that attempting to follow the trail was not a good idea at the time.

Dr McDonnell took blood samples from the access tunnel (most likely Trevor’s) as well as where the second assailant had been injured. We also waited around to report to the Police about the incident and several members of the group went to the hospital for treatment of their injuries.


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