Mythos Across America

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Game Date: 8 Oct – 11 Oct

Monday (8 Oct) began with the team working out what kind of plan they could use to get into the sewers and locate the people who had been kidnapped by the Hoodie Mafia. Plans for different options for providing a distraction were discussed, as well as other things that could be done to improve the chances of the team getting back out of the sewers again. While Dr McDonnell continued to research on the blood samples, most of the rest of the team traveled to Boston to turn in Catherine (Emma’s mom) to the FBI as evidence of the plot in Liosport and the disappearance of the FBI agents.

Preparations continued on the 9th … Ryan picked up some armor and tactical gear from the police station, while Jeremiah quit his job at the college and got hired as an orderly at the Asylum. Dr McDonnell felt he had made as much progress as he could on the process of improving the therapy for helping those being transformed and began working with Emma to see if the modified treatments showed any success “in the field”.

On the 10th, Ryan heard that the Police Capt had been required to collect information about the smoke bomb incident (potentially related to having dropped of Emma’s mom with the FBI, since that was when the FBI agents disappeared) and was not happy about it at all. Grey also found that igneous rock appeared to be a key component to having effective symbols that weaken or protect against the Deep Ones. She worked with Jeremiah to create medallions and carved symbols for each of the team, as well as several spare sets for the Nine Kizes.

Finally on the 11th, the team was continuing to make preparations (carving more stone, working with Emma on learning the language as well as monitoring progress of the improved therapy) when Grey received an alarming phone call … someone apparently was aware of some of what the team had been doing, including leaving Emma’s mom with the FBI. In case someone was getting ready to take action against the team, everyone decided to quickly implement the plan to go into the sewers and attempt to rescue those who had been taken.

Quickly calling the Nine Kizes, the team arranged for a diversion of them setting fire to the pier where most of the cultists and/or collaborators seemed to work. At the same time, the team slipped into the sewers and began making their way towards the Cultural Center (where the “Offerings” were supposedly being held). They passed two guard patrols on their way in … they were able to slip past one, while they disabled the restrained the other in a side passage. They eventually made their way to a “For Rent” house/sewer area where they waited for the diversion.

With the start of the diversion, the sounds in the sewers indicated a large group assembling and then moving off. After it left, the team slipped back into the sewers and made their way to the Cultural Center. They found one entrance to the underground garage, then continued around to the back of the Cultural Center where they found a “water” entrance to the area under the Cultural Center. Entering carefully, the first area seemed to be a common room that was recently vacated … the signs of recent leisure and habitation were strewn around the room. Off to one side was another side passage, which had sounds of captives coming out of it. Since a fair amount of time had been spent moving about since the start of the diversion, the team decided to move quickly into the next passage and try to quickly free the “Offerings”.

As soon as the team turned the corner, they saw ahead of them in the sewer what appeared to be the doors to cages where the offerings might be kept. Unfortunately between them and the doors were four figures that they assumed to be fully-transformed Deep Ones.


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