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Stay Away from the Light!

Game Date: Evening, 6 Oct – Afternoon, 7 Oct

Plans were finalized to attempt to capture some of the Hoodie Mafia … Carl was set to act as bait in a vacant lot in Liosport, while Ryan Drescher waited on a nearby rooftop with Carl’s tranquilizer gun. Grey Hooper and a couple of the Nine Kize youths waited by a nearby building and Jeremiah Winters and Dr McDonnell were in a “sanitized” Asylum van in a nearby parking lot.

After night fell and the streets became deserted, a lone figure cautiously moved out of the shadows of buildings near the vacant lot and approached Carl, bottle in hand. Carl announced over the radio that he also heard something as another figure moved the manhole cover off from a nearby sewer entrance and agilely sprang up next to the sewer access.

Ryan Drescher carefully aimed at the Hoodie Mafia member slowly approaching Carl while the rest of the group waited for him to initiate actions … he soon called out that the tranquilizer was fired and the rest of the group began to take actions. The two Nine Kizes with Grey moved out to surround the other Hoodie Mafia and keep it from escaping back into the sewers while Grey herself moved into the lot to have a vantage to shoot at the figure. Meanwhile Jeremiah fired up the engine of the van and then used it to perform a perfect called shot to the head and body of the first Hoodie Mafia figure (to the chorus of Ryan asking over the radio, “What part of not hitting the one I tranquilize did you not understand!?!”). As Jeremiah brought the van to a stop just past the broken and battered form of the now tranquilized and seriously subdued Hoodie Mafia figure, Dr McDonnell rushed over to try to contain some of the bodily fluids inside the dying Hoodie thug. After successfully stopping the thug from bleeding out, Dr McDonnell bound the thug with zip ties and Jeremiah helped stow the battered body in the back of the van.

Meanwhile Ryan attempted to tranquilize the other Hoodie Mafia figure but the tranquilizer gun jammed. He was able to clear the jam and attempt a second shot, but he was not able to successfully hit the figure before it was in hand to hand combat with the Nine Kize youths. Grey had taken one shot at the Hoodie Mafia figure before the Nine Kizes engaged her. With the figure’s attention on the two Nine Kize youths, Grey snuck up behind her and pistol whipped her into unconscious. Then the group quickly loaded the second Hoodie Mafia figure into the van and everyone jumped in to get out of the area before the nearing police sirens arrived.

After checking that they weren’t being followed, the group returned to the Asylum and placed the two captives in rooms where they could be monitored and contained. Dr McDonnell provided some additional care for the figure that had been pummeled with the van, who was in serious condition but no longer appeared in danger of dying. The more seriously injured figure was a male, eventually identified as Evan Williamson, the son of Timothy Williamson, CEO of Orne Services & Electric. The other was a female, identified as Catherine Montoya, mother of Emma Montano. Both were wearing gold jewelry that was eventually identified to list their “transformed” heritage, but otherwise they were not carrying any items.

Questioning the two the next day identified that they were supposed to have brought the “offering” to the bridge and “shop”, apparently one of the Orne Services facilities near the hydroelectric plant. Apparently the “offerings” were being collected to sacrifice to “Father Dagon” and “Mother Hydra” and that “Father Dagon” had directed them to expand so they could “go to war”. Luckily Evan indicated he was intended to be a “great General” during the war and since he was only a boy, the war might yet be some years away. Not so luckily, it appeared that there were at least several underwater “cities” of transformed creatures throughout the world … the situation was significantly worse than just a small town in New England being taken over.

The group also determined that the “offerings” were being held in the Old Town Cultural Center, although they were occasionally brought out to the Elder Heritage Recreational Center if they were good breeding material. From what Evan indicated (in his confused and drugged state), none of the current “offerings” were considered good breeders and they were all under the Cultural Center. He also indicated there were very few guards monitoring the tunnel into the Cultural Center.

In Evan’s confused state, he also mistook Dr McDonnell for Dr McDonnell’s missing (and presumed dead) younger brother, Rory. Much of the information they were able to obtain was gained by attempting to play on that mistaken identity … including that Dr McDonnell’s sister, Keelin was also expected to attend the festivities at the end of the month. Apparently his brother and sister were both involved and cooperating with the cultists and transformed members of Dagon’s brood. They also found that individuals from the other transformed cities were in town (emissaries at the Elder Heritage Center and students participating in the upcoming sailing races).


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