Mythos Across America

The Great Fishy Escape

Game Date: Oct 11-Oct 13

Without missing a beat, the team walked boldly towards the Deep Ones and Ryan told them we were here to move the “offerings”, because of the attack that was going on in the city above. One of the Deep Ones opened the cell door and entered it to begin herding the prisoners while the leader (still outside in the corridor) asked more questions about where the “offerings” were going. Getting tired with all of the talking (and lack of wrenching), Jeremiah stepped around the attacked one of the Deep Ones with a bident.

Watching from the rear, Grey noticed some members of the Hoodie Mafia had come out of a room behind the group and were trying to flank the team. Soon the team was fighting on two fronts, Ryan holding the front with some help from Dr McDonnell, while Jeremiah held the back with help from Grey. Unknown to the group at the time, Thompson was also involved in the fight … having been captured and held in the cell, she used the distraction of the fight outside the cell to help her attack the Deep One that had gone into the cell.

Outside, the fight could be going better. One of the Deep Ones had fallen from Jeremiah’s initial attack and Dr McDonnell had tried to make sure it stayed down … but it’s wounds were healing fast and it stood back up Ryan and Eamon were still fighting the other two by the cell entrance. Jeremiah was inflicting a lot of damage to the Hoodie Mafia at the back of the team, but there were enough of them that they were swarming past him to attack Grey. In the cell, Thompson was faring better … her initial attack had successfully knocked the Deep One to the ground and she was able to successfully dispatch it with a Coup de grĂ¢ce. Luckily their ability to heal from wounds appears to stop short of coming back from the dead.

Although Grey was pushed back against the folks fighting the Deep Ones near the cell, she and Jeremiah were able to finish off all of the Hoodie Mafia behind the group. Around that time, Ryan and Dr McDonnell were trying to hold against the three Deep Ones they were fighting and Thompson was about to attack from behind the Deep One nearest to the cell. By this time Ryan and Jeremiah were both using the sword/clubs they had gotten from the Nine Kizes, and Ryan had found that the “club” side appeared to cause damage to the Deep Ones that they could not heal.

Between the three of Thompson, Jeremiah, and Ryan, the team was able to finish off the last of the Deep One guards and the team began to take stock of the cells near where they were fighting. Inside the “Offering” cell were Thompson, Trevor, and the two FBI agents. Nearby was a cell that held about a dozen teenagers, apparently sedated and being converted/brainwashed. Another cell appeared to hold a fairly large number of apparently fully-converted and militant/violent Deep Ones. There was also a cell with twenty or so homeless or other prisoners and a cell with a few close-to-transformed Deep Ones that appeared to still have some amount of human identity.

While Jeremiah and Thompson searched the main gathering area (just outside the cells) for alcohol or other flammable material, the rest of the team freed the homeless and organized them into helping the sedated teenagers. Trevor and the FBI agents also made their way out of the cells while Dr McDonnell and Ryan sedated and restrained the close-to-transformed Deep Ones, hoping they could be cured rather than having to kill them in the cell. Finally Thompson threw Molotov cocktails into the cell containing the fanatical Deep Ones and the rest of the group fled for the exit.

While most of the team was getting everyone out of the area and around the Cultural Center, Jeremiah and Eamon had gotten into the parking area under the Cultural Center and Jeremiah was going to hot wire some vehicles for everyone to use to escape. Luckily he saw a key box near the guard room that had keys for the vehicles, so the group was actually able to just unlock and start the vehicles normally. Everyone was hustled info a few town cars and everyone fled the cultural center.

The team stacked the sedated Deep Ones in the trunk of a town car and everyone (including Trevor and the FBI agents) crammed inside two town cars. After making sure they didn’t seem to be followed, the group headed to the insane asylum. When they got there, two other FBI agents and the Director were there looking for them. After a tense moment (especially when the Deep Ones were pulled out of the trunk), the team was able to convince the new FBI agents that we were not the ones responsible for their missing agents (now returned) or any of the unusual events in Liosport. While the Deep Ones were led away, the Director seemed unusually reluctant to be seen by them, and the FBI agents also seemed to be acting unusually. Talking to the Deep Ones later, the team eventually realized that the Director was actually Nyarlathotep in human form and that the new FBI agents were part of a different cult opposed to the Deep Ones.

Jeremiah was able to fool some orderlies to sedate and lock up the new FBI agents while the team tried to figure out what to do next. The original FBI agents took one of the town cars and began to head back to their home office. Apparently someone didn’t want the new FBI agents talking to anyone, since the night following their incarceration Jeremiah heard screams from their cell and afterwards they were moved to a ward for catatonic patients (since they no longer seemed to have any conscious thought). Dr McDonnell went back to working on a cure, now that the group had access to several more blood samples (including some from fully-transformed Deep Ones).

Dr McDonnell also received a letter from his sister, Keelin. She indicated that the Deep Ones would forgive everyone in the group if they returned Timothy Williamson’s son and stopped fighting against them. Those within the team who were transforming would be allowed to fully-become Deep Ones, while those who were human would be accepted as long as they took Deep One mates and swore the “Third Oath”. Although the thought of not fighting apparently every denizen of H.P. Lovecraft’s entire library of horror stories has some appeal, the team seemed less inspired by the prospect of being on the human or fish side of fishy sex for the rest of their lives.

After receiving the letter, the team realized the Deep Ones must know where they went and that the most likely way was from the town cars. Checking the one they still had, Jeremiah found a GPS locator. The team called the FBI agents that had the other town car and were on their way to DC … they indicated that they also had identified folks following them and that they would try to take appropriate precautions to avoid a return visit to Liosport and it’s scenic fishy brothels.


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