Mythos Across America

The Shadow over Innsmou ... I mean, Liosport

Game Date: Oct 05, late afternoon

The group traveled with Dr. Chogan Askuteau and he cousins to the final camping location that had not yet been crossed off on Trevor Smith’s map, north of the city. At the same time, Carl was already in roughly that area searching for a “bear” that had attacked some campers the previous evening. Luckily he was able to arrange to be assigned to the search grid where the rest of the group was headed, and he met up with everyone there.

When they found the campsite it appeared that something had been staying there (fish bones, tracks, remnants of a camping tent), but nothing (or no one) was there now. The most recent tracks seemed to lead out into the sea, so the group moved off a short distance into the woods and waited to see if Emma Montano (or anyone/anything else) would return.

Shortly before sundown Emma Montano did return from the sea … she was obviously transforming into something different, apparently forming gills, webbing on her hands and feet, and having trouble communicating in English. She was making signs and gestures, but no one in the group could easily understand them.

Dr. Chogan Askuteau was able to reassure her that the group was trying to help and he administered her medicine to help control the change. The group then got everyone together and headed south to the psychiatric facility where Dr. Chogan Askuteau thought he could find a safe place where Emma Montano could stay. Several others within the group were also interested in staying there, since it might be one of the few places near Liosport where they could stay safely, and it could provide a place where Dr Eamon McDonnell could work (since the Research Center’s lab spaces aren’t feasible any longer).

The group also met up with Prof. Johnson, who had been released and was also staying at the Center for safety. He indicated that Liosport seemed to be the basis for the HP Lovecraft story “The Shadow over Innsmouth” and that a Marine force had been involved in a fight to wipe out “something” in the area in the 1920s. His research had found references to a ship, the Sumatra Queen, that might have been involved with the arrival of whatever was in the sea and was transforming the people of Liosport. The earlier military expedition had been focused on the area in the sea where Emma Montano was uncomfortable and where she indicated “Father” was living under the sea.

The group also found out that cultists worshiping Dagon were living in the sewers and that was probably where Trevor Smith was being held. The cultists use Sand Island as a location for their semi-yearly rituals, so the group began making plans to find Trevor Smith in the sewers and rescue him. The early topographic maps of the area seemed to show sewer construction from the older city under Liosport, although Emma Montano also mentioned that the cultists had been changing the sewers and that an entire city now lived in them.


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