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You didn't see me, you've never met me, I was never here

Game Dates: 14-15 Oct

On Sunday, the team heard that the rescued FBI agents made it to Langley. Dr McDonnell continued working on the cure for the Deep One transformation while the rest of the team continued their investigations. Jeremiah went to the Community College and tracked down the Science Fiction club. Using pictures provided by Dr McDonnell as evidence, Jeremiah convinced the club to help provide manpower for the team’s investigations. The club was supposed to provide any information they had collected to Grey, then meet Jeremiah at the Denny’s the next day to coordinate additional support.

Ryan returned to work and was immediately drafted to help investigate a string of kidnappings that had occurred overnight. At least two houses had been broken into and the families were missing … canvasing the area around one of the houses, Ryan found the four kids (from two families) in the trunk of a Prius. Based on information provided by the kids, the Police got a search warrant to investigate the Fisherman’s Guild.

At the Pier, Ryan saw a fisherman that was being silenced by several others. Attempting to intervene, several more fisherman got involved and soon the entire Pier was engaged in a massive riot. Most of the fishermen who had been assaulting their fellow worker fled, but one pulled a knife and was about to stab the other when Ryan pulled his weapon and shot the knife-wielder. As the knife-wielder let out an unearthly high-pitched wail, everyone on the Pier froze and then fled the area.

Later interviewing the fisherman that was under attack, Ryan found that the fisherman gave him details about “oaths” the fishermen were forced to take, areas they were supposed to ignore, and instances when fishermen had pulled “things” out of the sea or dropped them off into the sea. All of these activities were expected to be kept secret, and that the fishermen would be safe as long as they continued to abide by their “oaths” and protect the secret. But with the kidnapping of the families of the other fishermen, the fishermen were losing faith that they would be protected in whatever was happening.

Since the Cultists were most likely aware by now that the fisherman was giving information to the Police, Ryan sent Jeremiah to the fisherman’s house to protect his family. Arriving at the house, Jeremiah found the Hoodie Mafia already at the house and fighting a police officer. The officer were having little luck fighting against the cultists, but Jeremiah waded into the fray with one of the spell-clubs and quickly subdued the soon-to-be Deep Ones. With a yell of “I was never here!” Jeremiah escorted the fisherman’s family to the hospital where the fisherman was being treated, and the officer took the cultists into custody. At the hospital, the fisherman and his family just wanted to get out of town, so Ryan passed them to Dr. Chogan Askuteau to either find a way out of town or at least find as safe a place in town as possible.

Back at the Police station, the Chief of Police approached Ryan and asked him about the strange events going on. Indicating that the Chief realized he had not taken any of Ryan’s earlier reports seriously, the Chief admitted that Orne Services and the fishing guild really control the town but that events like the kidnappings of the previous evening had never happened before. Carl and the Chief of the Fish and Wildlife Protection agency also arrived to talk about the recent events and what their organization was aware of and how they could help.

Back in the Insane Asylum, the Director and several “orderlies” arrived in the lab and escorted Dr McDonnell, Grey, and Thompson to the Director’s office. There, the Director explicitly revealed his true nature (as Nyarlathotep) and expressed significant displeasure that the events in the city had turned so public. The Director indicated that his patrons (the Outer Gods) did not want the events in Liosport to draw the attention of folks outside of the area and that the team had until Halloween to “handle” the problem of the publicity and the Deep Ones. If the issues were resolved by then, the Director would handle things (including making sure the team suffered a fate that would make the catatonic state of the latest FBI agents seem tame by comparison). Leaving the now mobile and apparently compliant FBI agents with the team, the Director left for an “out of town conference”.

With the Director’s new “encouragement” and the assistance of the remarkably versatile FBI agents, Dr McDonnell worked through the night and into the next day on the cure for the Deep One’s transformation. After that marathon session, Dr McDonnell felt the serum was ready for initial “human” trials. The revised serum’s mortality rate was expected to be something less than 25% (compared to the original 75%) and would at least lead to the subject’s death slower when it was not successful. Jeremiah and one of the transformed that had been rescued from beneath the Cultural Center agreed to be the first test subjects. After administering the serum, Dr McDonnell attempted to get some rest before continuing work on the cure.

After taking his medicine, Jeremiah went with Ryan and Grey to meet with the Science Fiction club at Denny’s. Apparently the leader of the club was a little more “enthusiastic” than the team might have wanted and had recruited a large number of folks from the Community College to participate in the effort against the Deep Ones. Jeremiah was about to send them all off to scavenge obsidian from anywhere in town and carve symbols into it when Elder Kitchi arrived and agreed to make a considerable contribution to the effort is everyone agreed that any talisman’s that weren’t needed by the Club would be given to the Police. Elder Kitchi also volunteered additional manpower and resources from the Nine Kizes to help with the effort.

Soon after, the team met with the Chief of Police, the chief of Fish and Wildlife, Elder Kitchi, and the President of the Science Fiction club (who had apparently taken the lead of the Community College contingent). The original FBI agents also made it back into town, although their armored and reinforced FBI vehicle was only barely able to make it past the vehicles and forces guarding the roads in or out of town. Apparently either the Deep One cultists or the agents of the Outer Gods (or both) were not letting anyone in or out of Liosport … so the team and the rest of the town may be on their own (at least for the next few days, which was the soonest any military support might be available).


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