Dr Eamon McDonnell

Research Cellular Biologist


Dr Eamon McDonnell recently arrived in Liosport, Massachusetts to work as a research biologist for the St Brendan Research Center. Dr McDonnell is a recognized expert in cellular biology, having written several books on genetic expression and comparative morphology. His academic credentials include a Masters of Science and a PhD in Cellular Biology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Science from the University College Dublin. His Doctoral thesis (“Comparative analysis of genomic expression in divergent organisms and it’s significance to biodiversity”) has spawned numerous studies in research centers around the world into how minor changes in genetic encoding can result in dramatic changes in physiology.

Dr McDonnell was born in the small town of Dingle, Ireland. While still in elementary school, he showed tremendous potential for science and medicine. While most kids his age were coloring pictures of Fungi the dolphin, Eamon was not only reading about the characteristics of bottlenose dolphins but also Fungi’s namesakes … yeasts, molds, and mushrooms. His aptitude enabled him to move to Dublin and attend the private Sutton Park School, courtesy of a grant from an anonymous charitable foundation. After graduating with honors, he stayed in Dublin to attend University College Dublin and then moved to the United States to attend MIT. He became a naturalized US citizen soon after receiving his PhD from MIT.

In addition to his professional studies, Dr McDonnell is also an avid historian and amateur archaeologist. He has become entranced by theories about pre-Columbian discovery and exploration of the Americas and he has spent a large amount of time researching (and sometimes exploring) archaeological sites throughout New England. His time outside the research lab is often spent buried in the bowels of a museum or library, following potential clues about early expeditions to or settlements along the East Coast of the United States and Canada.

Dr McDonnell parents, Donagh and Pegeen, still live in Dingle. Eaomon seldom interacts with his parents … after moving away for school Eaomon quickly found he had less and less in common with his parents, neither of which has anything more than a grade-school education or any interest in anything outside Dingle. The McDonnell’s had three children, of which Eaomon is the eldest. His brother, Rory, was born four years after Eaomon and followed Donagh into the life of a fisherman … he was lost a couple of years ago when his fishing trawler disappeared off the coast of Ireland. His sister (well, half-sister … but the family doesn’t talk about the fact that Keelin was born seven months after Donagh returned from a three-month fishing expedition) was born eight years after Eaomon. Eaomon has never gotten to know Keelin … he moved to Dublin when she was just a baby and they’ve never spent much time together since. She recently joined the Peace Corp and has moved away from Dingle … he occasionally gets a postcard from somewhere in Africa, although her posting seems to move about since each card has been posted from a different part of the continent.

Dr Eamon McDonnell

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