Examination of FBI Data



A thorough examination of the available data from the files and scanned documents of FBI Agents Jack Samson and Pete Lasiter revealed the following:

As a city Liosport has the highest Infant Mortality Rate of any city with its Per Capita Income by almost 10%.

Mortality rate has been rising steadily, you were able to access data for the last 20 years, it was once well bellow the state average but in the last 7 years it has passed it.

The deaths cross all ethnic demographics except for tribal members.

The above average death rates are classified as short gestational period and maternal complications at the St. Brendan RC and Our Lady. However at the Liosport General the spike is in SIDS.

Small spikes at the end of December and July.

Parental Care records not being freely given by doctors from St. Brendan RC and Our Lady, missing from Liosport General.


Examination of FBI Data

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