The 3 Day Highway

Newspaper article


March 1st, 1968

Yet another bizarre case of disappearance and reappearance of vacationers on Highway 133 this weekend. A group of students on their way back to Boston after attending a concert in Newburyport were reported missing by there parents when they failed to return home two days after expected. The student’s car was seen refueling in Georgetown headed for Highway 133aand was not seen for three days after. Police conducted a thorough search of the area with no results. Three days after the students were seen in Georgetown the student’s vehicle was found by the side of the road early this morning in Manchester. Through the student’s claim to have no knowledge of their own whereabouts for the last three days police suspect illicit substances to be in play. There have been a total 31 similar cases associated with Highway 133 since the first case was reported on May 3rd 1965. Police have no evidence that suggests foul play in any of these cases.
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From left to right: Tamy Williamson, George Mason, Lincoln Donavon, Eveline Smith.


The 3 Day Highway

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