Local Attractions

Welcome to Liosport, here’s are just a few of the wonderful thing our town has to offer.

10 Public Swimming Pools – Health and Fitness are very important to the people of Liosport. Most public pools are accessible free of charge for all residents, $1.00 for non residents, from 9:00am to 7:00pm year round, closed April 30th and October 31st. Please be advised that Elder Heritage Recreational Facility’s pool is for members only. Sponsored by Orne Electric.

Historic Essex Museum of Sailing and Navigation District – Located between Bates St. and Pain St. on Federal St. and adjacent to the Historic Town Square, the Historic District is one of Liosport’s crowning achievements. Follow the history of all Essex County and the proud tradition of sailing and exploration that continues to this day. $5.00 admission.

Historic Hotel – The Olmstead Hotel is one of Essex Counties oldest hotels to still function as a hotel. Renovated in 1973 to its former glory and completely restored to its original Georgian design. Please contact Joe Lamb at the Olmstead Hotel front desk for seasonal, daily, weekly or monthly rates.

Town of Liosport Museum – Though our fair city may be young we have a strong respect and appreciation for our history and the history of our region. Sample art, artifacts and recreations from all over New England from pre-history to today here. Entrance fees: $2.50 for residents and $5.00 for non residents over 25, under 25 get in FREE! Sponsored by St. Brendan Research Center.

Historic Lighthouse Museum and Marina – Just off the coast of Liosport and accessible by bridge, please check shipping schedule for closures, closed April 30th and October 31st. $5.00 admission for museum. Boat tours and fishing skiffs rentals available from sunrise to sunset year round as weather permits, see Harbor master for details, must have valid license for fishing. Fishing withing 2 miles of Sand Island is not permitted.

Historic Train Station – Coming Soon.

Local Attractions

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